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Following on from the success of the 2015 Milan Expo, Arexpo was tasked with enhancing the established site by creating a scientific and technology centre of global excellence. The resulting project pledges an innovative ecosystem acting as a central hub for integrating science with community, further validating Italy as a big player in the evolution of energy efficiency and sustainability.   

Driving the project is the Milan Innovation District (MIND) with support from Lendlease. The vision of the project is to create the first Italian social innovation park. Rooted in urban regeneration, the park will consist of four main business components - the Triulza Foundation, Human Technopole, Galeazzi Hospital and University of Milan. Covering 1 million square metres of regenerated space and with an expected 60,000 daily users, the project is an ambitious but pivotal project for Milan.  

Together, these components will provide a social innovation academy campus and Italy’s new research institute for life sciences alongside a large multi specialist hospital centre and the science campus of the University of Milan.    

A key policy of the project is to focus on how alternative and sustainable energies can be used with the view to then provide a working blueprint for other businesses. MIND has shared that the solutions employed will be chosen for their energy saving credentials, minimising waste and consumption as well as noise and pollutant emissions. Structural materials will be eco-compatible, with the capacity to absorb smog through techniques of purification of the atmosphere and self-cleaning. Specifically designed coatings will be applied to manage thermoregulation. In order to limit the impact on the city’s electricity grid, the project will utilise alternative energy proposals such as solar/photovoltaic thermal solutions across the entire surface of the roof of the Galeazzi Hospital building.    

Another exciting initiative for entrepreneurs and start ups at MIND is the collaboration with University of California, Berkley the first project in Europe.    

Lombardy and Cariplo are making 2.75 million euros available over the next three years, while Skydeck advisers will provide support and advice for about 60 national and international start ups. 

 With such an innovative and sustainable approach to urban development, GROWTHCAP looks forward to seeing the success of the scheme.    

MIND opened to the public on 1 May 2022. Read more about the project here

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